Mutual Fund Quotation Service (MFQS)


The Mutual Fund Quotation Service (MFQS) facilitates the collection and dissemination of daily price and corporate action data for mutual funds, money market funds, unit investment trusts (UITs), annuities, structured products and alternative investment products (AIPs) to the public. MFQS accomplishes this task by:

  • Operating secure and easy-to-use dedicated computer-to-computer and web-based interfaces for U.S. investment companies to report daily prices and corporate actions
  • Offering a fixed format data feed that delivers real-time fund data to the news media and electronic market data community
  • Operating a centralized documentation posting service for financial documentation, such as prospectus, annual reports, semi-annual reports and monthly portfolio holdings for the market data vendor community.

MFQS system users include:

Investment Companies

New Fund Families & Trusts

Existing Fund Families & Trusts

Once registered, an investment company will need to follow the steps outlined below to add, update or delete an instrument record in the MFQS system.

MFQS Action What Firm Needs To Submit Supporting Documentation
Add New Instrument
Change Instrument Name and/or MFQS Symbol
  • MFQS Change Request Form (Spreadsheet, Web)
  • Revised Prospectus or Declaration of Name Change
Upgrade / Downgrade Dissemination Tier (Mutual Funds and Money Market Funds only)
  • MFQS Change Request Form (Spreadsheet, Web)
  • Supporting Financial Information (e.g., Annual Report, Semi-Annual Report)
Update CUSIP
Update Instrument Attributes
Delete Instrument
UIT Replacement
  • MFQS UIT Replace Form (Spreadsheet, Web)
  • Prospectus for incoming instrument

MFQS Pricing Agents

To register to access the MFQS pricing system, a firm must execute and submit:

Please refer to the Fund Data Price List for pricing information.

Market Data Distributors

In order to receive and distribute MFQS data content, a firm must execute and submit:

Nasdaq supports two MFQS data products for the market data community:

Contact Information

MFQS Topic Department Phone Number
Agreements & Forms - Investment Companies and Pricing Agents Nasdaq Mutual Fund Operations +1 877 308 0523

(Option 2)

Agreements & Forms - Market Data Distributors Nasdaq Global Data Products +1 301 978 5307
User Guide & Specifications Nasdaq Global Data Products +1 301 978 5307
Website and CTCI Access Nasdaq Trading Services +1 212 231 5180
Data Quality Nasdaq Mutual Fund Operations +1 877 308 0523

(Option 2)

Billing Inquiries Nasdaq Finance + 1 800 955 3898

Product Updates

Support Documents: