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Nasdaq offers three exchanges renowned for high performance INET technology, proven reliability, unsurpassed speed of execution and products and services.

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As the largest U.S. equity exchange by volume, Nasdaq accepts various order types in a price/time execution priority model for clients to execute a variety of trading strategies.


Operating a price/time execution priority for various order types, BX incentivizes the execution of trades by providing rebates to liquidity removers.


PSX features a unique Price Setter Pro Rata model that provides an incentive for greater displayed size while also encouraging participants to aggressively compete on price.


Relentless Commitment

For almost 45 years, Nasdaq has been transforming the financial services industry through a dedication to delivering best-in-class technology, market quality and customer service. Our customers are some of the most ambitious people on the planet. We are committed to fueling their growth now, and for years to come. To learn more about our commitment to you, explore our interactive infographics by clicking the images below.

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