Direct Circuit Connectivity

Nasdaq Direct Circuit Connect is a dedicated connection for clients that are located outside of the Nasdaq Data Center. Direct Circuit Connect clients may access all Nasdaq markets and market data feeds as well as FINRA applications in the primary data center located in Carteret, NJ. Clients connecting to FINRA applications may also use Direct Circuit Connections to access the DR facility in Ashburn, VA. Clients wishing to connect to the Disaster Recovery facility for Nasdaq Markets in Chicago, IL may do so via POP connectivity.

Clients may connect to our data centers via any one of our approved Direct Connect providers. We currently offer 10G and 1G access in the Carteret and Ashburn facilities, as well as a 1G connection from Secaucus, NJ to Ashburn. Direct Connect firms may place routers in both Carteret and Ashburn to enable additional connectivity redundancy (disaster recovery/B feeds) or connect to other co-located equipment.


  • Lower latency and fees than Extranet connections
  • Dedicated circuit – no sharing with other customers
  • Cost effective option for multiple connections and redundant network gear
  • Ability to install your own router
  • Low-cost recovery connectivity to our back-up data center in Ashburn, VA

Market Data

Direct Circuit Connect clients can receive market data for all Nasdaq markets and products:

To request approval for market data access to any of the Nasdaq data feeds, please complete the Data Feed Request Form using either the online form or the hard copy form, which may be faxed to +1 301 978 5295 or emailed to For more information about market data feeds, contact Nasdaq Global Data Products at +1 301 978 5307.

Order Entry

Clients may order Order Entry ports (FIX, OUCH and other protocols) by completing the appropriate Port Request Form. Forms should be sent to For more information about ports, contact Nasdaq Trading Services at +1 212 231 5180, option 1.

Technical Assistance

Nasdaq Technology Services will perform up to four hours per month of periodic monitoring of customer equipment by Nasdaq Remote Hands at no charge. These services include support such as rebooting customer equipment, checking power supply and network connections, or switching a network connection. Additional assistance can be ordered through Remote Hands at a nominal fee.

Subscribe to Direct Circuit Connectivity

To set up Direct Connect access, firms must sign the Nasdaq Technology Services Agreement and complete an Exhibit A form to specify their requested services. Please contact Nasdaq Trading Services at +1 212 231 5180, option 1, to request these documents.

Looking for even lower latency? Nasdaq Co-Location provides the lowest latency access to Nasdaq markets and data feeds. Visit the CoLo page for more information.