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The Trade Halt RSS Feed is a free service that provides the same trade halt and trade pause information listed on the Trading Halts page for:

  • Nasdaq-Listed Securities
  • Other Exchange-Listed Securities

What is RSS and how do I view RSS Feeds?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and is a popular way to pull in information from across the Web. RSS also allows web sites to easily push content directly to subscribers for instant updates to the latest information from web servers.

To view and display content in a RSS feed:

  • choose an RSS reader software; or
  • create your own process

Set-Up Information

The following provides instructions on how to access and set-up the available queries.

Refresh Frequency Guideline:

Data is updated, each trading day once a minute. Please do not query the data more than once a minute.

RSS URLs and Processing Guidelines:

When accessing the RSS Feed, which provides the current trade halts, subscribers can modify the query string to obtain Trade Halts for:

  • historical trade halts
  • trade halts by resumption date
  • trade halts and trade halts by resumption date

Listed below are examples of the query strings and how they can be modified to alter your RSS Feed results:

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RSS Specifications

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