Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Data News #2018 - 5
Nasdaq Announces the Launch of the Nasdaq Basic Canada Consolidated Data Feed, Effective Immediately

Markets Impacted:

  • Nasdaq Canada

Products Impacted:

  • Nasdaq CXC
  • Nasdaq CX2
  • Nasdaq CXD

Contact Information:

What you need to know:

  • Nasdaq announces the availability of Nasdaq Basic Canada, effective immediately
  • Nasdaq Basic Canada is a new consolidated data feed providing an alternative solution for accessing Level 1 data for Canadian-listed securities.
  • Nasdaq Basic Canada provides data from across Nasdaq Canada’s three trading books:
    • Nasdaq CXC
    • Nasdaq CX2
    • Nasdaq CXD

What is being announced?

Officially launched on Monday, October 1, 2018, Nasdaq Basic Canada is now available to investors globally – providing accurate, real-time quote and trade data for Canadian-listed securities within an affordable and flexible delivery model. Basic Canada will now provide a combined data feed encompassing Nasdaq CXC, CX2 and CXD trading books in a single lightweight market data specification.

What are Nasdaq Canada’s three trading books?

  • CXC is a key lit pool of liquidity in Canada that provides users a reliable trading platform for Canadian equities;
  • CX2 offers further cost savings and trade efficiencies that leverage Nasdaq INET technology through a unique pricing model and broker preferencing functionality; and
  • CXD is an alternative dark pool of non-displayed liquidity that was launched due to client demand, which delivers advantages like trading-at-the-touch and competitive pricing, along with other easy-to-use features.

What is the security coverage for Nasdaq Basic Canada?

Nasdaq Canada trades 100% of all TSX, TSX Venture and CSE listed securities. Any instrument that quotes or trades on any of the three Nasdaq Canada Trading books will be available via the Nasdaq Basic Canada product as well as the traditional individual product entitlements.

What makes Nasdaq Basic Canada unique?

In addition to providing a complete record of all trade reports from Nasdaq Canada’s three trading books in a single consolidated market data product, Nasdaq Basic Canada also combines the liquidity available across Nasdaq CXC and Nasdaq CX2 to create a Nasdaq Canada BBO.

This new type of quotation message provides users with the best bid and ask across Nasdaq CXC and Nasdaq CX2, but also provides details of attribution, allowing for a deeper level of market insight on a single entitlement.

Where can I find the Nasdaq Basic Canada market data technical interface specifications?

Specification documents are available on the www.business.nasdaq.com website. For your convenience, the links are also provided below:

What are the fees for Nasdaq Basic Canada?

Nasdaq Basic Canada is a new technical alternative for receiving trades and quotes from Nasdaq Canada’s three trading books. This means that all of the existing fees are applied in aggregate for access.

  • User Fees (All prices in CAD):
    User Fees (All prices in CAD)
    Professional $25.10
    Non-Professional $1.50
    TSX Listed - Per Query $0.0075
    TSX-V Listed - Per Query $0.0075
    CSE Listed - Per Query $0.00

  • OpenFeed Fees:
    • The fee schedule for receiving the Nasdaq Basic Canada OpenFeed will depend on what other access is currently provided to the Distributor. Please consult the below link for details on feed pricing, or please contact your Nasdaq Sales Rep for more information.

How do firms order Nasdaq Basic Canada?

To order the product, firms must submit the appropriate documentation and receive prior approval from Nasdaq:

  • Data Feed Request Form: Online or Hard Copy - Required for all firms. New firms must use the hard copy PDF.
  • Data Use Agreement is required for all firms that are users of the data
  • Data Distribution Agreement is required for all firms that are distributors of the data
  • Nasdaq Canada Data Agreement – User or Distributor agreements are required for all firms, dependent on use case, prior to initiation of the first Nasdaq data service only.

For the complete list of Nasdaq market data agreements and forms, please refer to the Nasdaq Global Data Products Agreements and Forms page.

What are the Connectivity Details?

The following tables summarize network address and I.P. configurations needed for accessing the multicast market data services Nasdaq Basic Canada in the Primary, Disaster Recovery, Point Of Presence, and the NTF.

Nasdaq Basic Canada Network Configuration Parameters
IP Details Primary TR2 DR CH4 Markham POP Nasdaq Test Facility(NTF) INET Platform
45 Parliament St, Toronto 350 E, Cermak Rd, Chicago 3500 Steeles Ave E, Markham
Stream Stream A Stream A Stream A
Multicast Group
Multicast Port 18073 18073 18073 18073
MMRS Port 18173 18173 18173 18173
Stream Stream B Stream B Stream B
Multicast Group
Multicast Port 18073 18073
MMRS Port 18173 18173 18173

Where can I find additional information?

Fact sheets describing the product value proposition, technical details, and other content can be found on the Nasdaq Basic Canada landing page available below:

Contact Nasdaq Global Data Sales at +1 301 978 5307 or ca.marketdata@nasdaq.com or +1 888 310 1560.

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