NLS Plus

 Now available via Nasdaq Data Link API


Launched on October 1, 2010, by Nasdaq, NLS Plus is a comprehensive but affordable data feed providing access to all Nasdaq U.S. markets' last sale data as well as consolidated volume. NLS Plus includes all trade data from the following Nasdaq markets for U.S. exchange-listed securities:

  • Nasdaq
  • FINRA Trade Reporting Facility (TRF) operated in partnership with FINRA/Nasdaq TRF
  • Nasdaq BX (BX)
  • Nasdaq PSX (PSX)

NLS Plus also provides consolidated volume information as part of each trade message.

Market data distributors are encouraged to use NLS Plus to create enhanced Nasdaq Last Sale and Nasdaq Basic displays.

Benefits & Features

NLS Plus is designed to provide a comprehensive view into the trading activity on U.S. equity exchanges. In addition to the benefits of Nasdaq Last Sale, NLS Plus supports:

  • Full Nasdaq market coverage: NLS Plus reflects all transactions from the Nasdaq U.S. equity market systems: Nasdaq, FINRA/Nasdaq TRF, BX and PSX.
  • Comprehensive security coverage: NLS Plus covers all U.S. equity securities including:
    • Tape A 2013 New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)-listed securities
    • Tape B 2013 NYSE MKT- and NYSE Arca-listed securities
    • Tape C 2013 Nasdaq-listed securities
  • Consolidated market volume: NLS provides cumulative consolidated volume on each trade report message. NLS Plus cumulative volume reflects real-time trading activity across all U.S. exchanges for Tape A, Tape B, and Tape C securities.

NLS Plus encourages the creation of enhanced NLS and Nasdaq Basic displays at the same low fees. It encourages universal distribution of Nasdaq real-time trade data to the public via the Internet and other electronic media. NLS Plus enables firms to create dynamic stock tickers, portfolio trackers and time/price graphs products for public use.

Access Options

NLS Plus is available as a Nasdaq Information LLC Direct Data Feed product. Nasdaq is also working with the key market data vendors looking to provide NLS Plus data in the near future. Please contact Nasdaq Global Data Products at +1 301 978 5307 to discuss delivery options.


For the NLS Plus product, firms pay only the SEC-filed data fees associated with the underlying data content and annual administration fees. Currently, the fees are as follows:

NLS Plus
Entitlement Name Security Coverage Fees
Monthly Usage
and DistributorFees
Nasdaq, NYSE and
Other Regional Issues
Firms are liable for
Nasdaq Last Sale OR
Nasdaq Basic fees
Monthly Administration
Nasdaq, NYSE and
Other Regional Issues
Nasdaq: $100
BX: $100
PSX: $100
Monthly Data Consolidation Fee Nasdaq, NYSE and
Other Regional Issues


The usage fees are assessed based on the number and type of subscribers that access Nasdaq market data. See the Nasdaq Data Policies for additional information. Please consult with your Nasdaq Global Information Services Account Manager to determine which fee option is best suited to your company's needs.

For Nasdaq real-time data feed products, the distributor fees are assessed on subscribers that receive Nasdaq information in a data feed format. This product is also covered by Nasdaq monthly administration fee(s). Refer to Nasdaq Data Policies for details.

Agreements & Forms

To initiate this data on a data feed, firms must submit the appropriate documentation and receive prior approval from Nasdaq:

For the complete list of Nasdaq and UTP market data agreements and forms, please refer to the Nasdaq Global Data Products Agreements and Forms page.

Product News & Updates

NLS Plus distributors may be interested in the following news items:

For the complete list of Nasdaq direct data feed changes, please refer to the Nasdaq Data Product Release Schedule.